Makeda and Neo Lanner Falcons

Makeda is a female Lanner Falcon (Falco Biarmicus)

Lanner Falcons are large falcons at between 43cm – 50cm length with a wingspan of 95cm – 105cm. They breed in Africa, Southeast Europe and just into Asia. Makeda is a parent reared bird. She enjoys flying to the lure with speed and precision. On warm days Makeda will catch a thermal and soar up into the sky until she is no longer visible to the eye, to return with a breathtaking stoop to the lure.

Makeda has been kite trained to which is great for her fitness and she very much enjoys! This entails the kite to be raised up to approx 1500ft where a well garnished lure hangs just beneath, her reward for climbing to such a height! We have Civil Aviation Authority in place as it is required above 200ft.

Makeda is a pleasure to watch and fly. She will land on fist, accurately catch food when launched into the air and has been photographed upside down with her catch!

Neo our male Lanner Falcon is new to the team joining us from The International Bird Of Prey Centre in 2014. He is a great addition to the team, he is flying in a cast with Makeda, And has started stooping! The Falcons stoop is one of the most supreme, and dramatic events in natural history, and to witness this will never be forgotton!