Halo the Barn Owl

Halo is a Barn Owl (Tyto Alba).

Barn Owls are a long winged, long legged owl with a short tail. At between 25cm – 45cm length and wing span around 75cm – 110cm and is one of the most widespread of all birds.

Halo is a joy to fly and watch. His gentle style of flying is great for the keen photographer to capture that perfect image!

He is the confidence booster in handling raptors as he is very gentle and a pleasure for all those who meet him!

More about Barn Owls:

It hunts by flying low and slowly over an area of open ground, hovering over spots that conceal potential prey. They may also use fence posts or other lookouts to ambush prey. The Barn Owl feeds primarily on small vertebrates, particularly rodents. Studies have shown that an individual Barn Owl may eat one or more rodents per night; a nesting pair and their young can eat more than 1,000 rodents per year.

While the Barn Owl is prolific and able to recover from short-term population decreases, they are not as common in some places as they used to be. The most 1995-1997 survey put their British population at between 3,000 to 5,000 breeding pairs, out of an average of about 150,000 pairs (varying with rodent stocks) in the whole of Europe, for example. In the USA, Barn Owls are listed as endangered species in seven Midwestern states, and in the European Community they are considered a Species of European Concern.