Ultimate Full Day Falconry Experience – Only £120.00

We are the number 1 thing to do in East Sussex 2018! ( source TripAdvisor )..

We offer full and half day experiences, flying our  collection of raptor’s, in the stunning grounds of Herstmonceux Castle.

On your full or half day you will get to fly Owls, Hawks, Kites, Falcon’s and Vulture these days are very hands on from the very start!

We will take Ash or Cedar or maybe both on a hawk walk through some glorious woodland, watching their amazing reactions as they weave their way around the trees to land on your gloved hand.

Then we may take Halo our barn owl out, we can head for some long grass to offer a natural setting, where you can see him float around just feet above the long grass. Perfect for the camera as he has a soft and slow flight style.

If we have a breeze blowing we will fly our Kestrel ( Milly ) and marvel as she hovers just above our heads for her reward!.

Our long eared owl Bramble loves to fly in the woodland and she brings it alive with her silent flights and bright orange eyes!

Blade the peregrine falcon can often be seen high in the sky, then coming in fast to a swung lure. This is the fastest animal on the planet!. Neo,  our young male lanner falcon can also be seen trying to match the peregrine’s speed and agility!  Again, a very fast bird!

Makeda the female lanner falcon will show of her agility skills catching food in the air or maybe, we can demonstrate how we keep our birds fit! This will involve putting a quadcopter into the sky with a well garnished lure hanging below. We have received telephone calls from the Red Arrows when the Eastbourne air show is being held requesting permission to use our air space!! How cool is that!

Our pair of Kites are proving to be extremely popular, the kites go high in the sky, then swoop down to take food from your gloved hand, without stopping!! then eat there treat on the wing.

We have a critically endangered Vulture, that is changing the way we think, about these magnificent birds, and brace yourself for when he lands on your glove.

And, last but not least we will introduce you to Savannah our African Spotted Eagle Owl. A very impressive owl who adores gliding down from tops of trees to gloved hands! and is a little partial to a bit of plane spotting!!

These experiences are run all year by appointment only. Not in a busy centre, in the stunning grounds of Herstmonceux Castle. You will not be in a large group,  maximum four participants on any one day. You will be guided by Falconers Gerard or Gemma not volunteers.

So, come and fly our private collection of raptors! Learning as you go about Owls, Hawks, Falcons and other wildlife – as you go on an experience like no other!

GPS we will soon be able to tell altitude and speed of our team, with live streaming information to a tablet, going to be great for Neo who likes to go very high and then perform the stoop.

* On a full day experience you will get to fly at least six of the above raptors.

* On a half day experience you will get to fly at least three of the above raptors.

These make the perfect gift, or treat yourself. The experience voucher is valid for twelve months from purchase. The voucher holder just contacts us with a date in mind and we will book their experience! Vouchers arrive by post.

* To see how others have enjoyed their experience please do click on the Trip Advisor logo on the home page!

We recommend a maximum of one spectator per participant, to keep groups small. Please note there are spectator fees. Children under the age of 14 years old, will need to be accompanied buy at least one paying adult.

In the beautiful surroundings of Herstmonceux Castle in East Sussex, your experience will take place from 10:15am to 3:15pm approx.

This is the ideal gift for that special person with a love for birds of prey. 2016, 2017 and 2018 certificates of excellence.

Full Day Falconry Experience